Disposable Microblading Sterile Kit permanent makeup accessories tattoo supplies

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DISPOSABLE STERILE KIT For Microblading and Permanent Makeup

1.  Large Operation Tray - 1 pc

6 compartments designed to hold a number of permanent makeup tools and substances. 

Everything is within arms reach to ensure optimal ergonomics while you work.

1) Holders for handles, needles, machines

2) A slot to hold finger rings upright and 6 slots to hold brushes upright

3) Wet and dry tray compartments to keep things organized

4) Six pigment cups 

2.Disposable Mask x 1pc

3.Eyebrow Ruler x 5pcs

4.Disinfection cotton x 4pcs

5.Enviromental ProtectionWaste Bag x 1pc

6.Nitrile Gloves x2 pcs

7.Surgical cap x 1pc

8.Small Ink Cups x 6pcs

9.Pigment rings x 2pcs

10.Sterilized Cotton pads x 5pcs 

11. Water-Proof Bedsheet x 1pc

12.Big Cups x 1pc

13.Double Brushes x 5pcs 

14.Spoolie Brushes x 5pcs

15.Pointed Brushes x 5pcs

16.Micro applicators x 5pcs

17. Disposable microblading tools x 1pc 

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