Dia 0.2mm 9Flat Miacroblading Needles Tattoo needle

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microblading needles
9Flat tattoo needles
316 stainless Steel
Packing :
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MZ Beauty Microblading Needle Tattoo Needles Agujas Tebori microblade pmu 3D Embroidery Tattoos Supplies With

LOT No.EXP Day Dia 0.2mm 9F

Needle feature:

(1) Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.

(2) Sterilization certified by E.O.

(3) Needle is made of 316 medical grade stainless steel.

(4) Excellent stability, less vibration.

(5) For disposable using only.

(6) Individually packed.

(7)dismeter needles:0.2 mm

Why Choose MZ Beauty Microblading Needles??

1.Sterile  E.O. (Sterilization Certificate) Indicator on the packing box

2.Lot Number on each bags of the needles

3.Expiration Date

4.Packing with professional microblaidng needles boxes

5.Can supply OEM service,more professional.

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